Drug-Free Workplace Policy

Every business has special requirements, unique to only their needs.  Creating a drug-free workplace policy is no different.  Your business will require a policy unique for you alone.  A drug-free workplace is good for everyone; the employer, the employee, and your clients.  A drug-free workplace establishes a safe and secure environment for all.

A drug-free workplace policy can be created to suit many needs for a business; below you will find some that may fit your needs.
Reasonable suspicion

A drug-free workplace policy can stand as a backbone to your organization.  It establishes for employees what your expectations are, what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.  It creates an environment of understanding that safety for all is important.  It ensures that productivity and efficiency develop properly. It presents your business in the best light for your client base. 

Idaho law supports businesses in creating a drug-free workplace policy; however, it is always recommended and advised that any policy be reviewed by your legal consultant prior to implementation.

Eagle Drug and Alcohol Testing LLC is committed to assisting businesses in the process of maintaining a drug-free workplace.

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